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Calibration of heat meters

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Calibration of heat meters

It is not worth reminding users once again whether it is worth installing heating meters in homes. This is a profitable and economical action that will significantly reduce your utility bills. However, each metering device may fail during operation. Checking a heat meter in Moscow is one of the demanded services company "Rosschet". You can get acquainted with its services in detail on the website.

Why is it necessary to calibrate heat meters?

The heating meters can be verified at any time as needed. This must be done due to the fact that they can fail and give incorrect readings. As you know, any metering device during operation can be subject to wear and tear. Ultimately, the measurement results can be severely distorted. Moreover, they can be both up and down. To avoid this, you need to perform a simple and understandable action - send the heat meter for verification.

In addition to routine checks, heat meters must be checked and unscheduled. There can be many reasons for this, ranging from doubts about the reliability of the readings and ending with damaged seals, breakdown of devices, failure of their display or any elements of the device.

Types of RosSchet services

Turning to the experienced specialists of the company, you can get a wide range of services, including:

  • Verification of water meters without removing.
  • Replacement and installation of water meters.
  • Replacement and installation of heat meters.

After carrying out all the tests, one of the decisions is made - the meter can either continue to operate further, or is subject to replacement. Based on the results of the verification, the customer is issued an agreement for the provision of services, a receipt for payment. The customer also receives a copy of the accreditation certificate.

On the company's website, you can submit an online application for a meter verification service. If you need advice on ordering a calibration of heat meters, you can go to the site. All detailed information is provided here.

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