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Electricity meters from the BelRosElectro company

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Electricity meters from the BelRosElectro company

Payment for electricity is one of the components of utility bills. In order to accurately measure electricity consumption, special metering devices were created. Especially in demand is electricity meter . It is capable of measuring AC or DC power consumption. If the task is to purchase electricity meters, you can pay attention to the proposals of the company "BelRos Electro".

Electricity meters catalog

The company's website offers a selection of meters with different technical parameters. We can mention the models from different manufacturers - Gran System, Energomera, Izmeron and others. Therefore, before choosing a meter, you should also pay attention to the manufacturer. The catalog on the site contains a large selection of meters, depending on the main technical parameters. These include the accuracy class, rated voltage, maximum current, number of tariff zones, and others.

For the convenience of selecting the optimal model on the page, you can find a detailed description indicating the main technical characteristics. You can read them before deciding to buy a particular model.

The service life and mean time between failures are set for the meters. These indicators can also be found on the description page. Each model comes with an indication of the current price.

Where to order electricity meters?

Modern models of electricity meters have a digital interface. They are simple and easy to use. Moreover, they can be used in different climatic conditions. They are resistant to mechanical and thermal stress.

If properly operated, they can be used in trouble-free mode for a long period of time. Thanks to a wide range of models from the BelRosElectro company, you will definitely be able to choose a meter that is suitable for specific tasks. All models have a warranty period.

The company specializes in the supply of wholesale of electrical products. The entire range can be found in the catalog.

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