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Cast iron gate valves from the Teharmatura company

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Cast iron gate valves from the Teharmatura company

Pipe fittings are widely used in various fields of activity. For example, a variety of high quality shut-off valves may be required to lay a pipeline. If the task is to buy such fittings, you can go to the website of the Tekharmatura online store. On the site https://teharmatura.ru /~ Cast iron gate valves are presented in a wide range. Let's get acquainted with the features of their choice in more detail.

Cast iron gate valves catalog

Cast iron gate valves can be classified according to a number of characteristics, including the design of the obturator, allowable shut-off pressure, type of travel assembly, configuration, etc. Thanks to the selection according to the parameters, you can choose the shut-off valves that are most suitable for specific purposes and tasks. Among the main features of cast iron valves are ease of installation, versatility, ease of use, affordable price range.

The Tekharmatura company offers to purchase cast iron gate valves in different configurations. For a convenient selection, you can go to the site and pay attention to the parameters. Among them are:

  • Manufacturer.
  • Shape table.
  • Diameter of the corner passage.
  • Working pressure.
  • Attachment type.
  • Workspace.

In addition to the above technical parameters, the choice may be influenced by such criteria as the type of control, the connection of the electric actuator, the type of valve, the color scheme. The temperature of the working environment also plays an important role.

Design features of valves

Stop valves have found their place in the field of arrangement of the heating system, as well as water supply. It is also in demand in the field of gas supply, fire extinguishing, steam pipelines and others.

Cast iron is the basis of the main material for the manufacture of valves. Among the popular grades of cast iron, GGG50 is widely used. It applies to both body and wedge, cover. EPDM is widely used for sealing elements. The spindle is made of steel and the bushings are made of bronze or aluminum. To buy valves, you can go to the site.

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