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High-quality technical pipeline fittings

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High-quality technical pipeline fittings

Valves used in pipeline systems through which a working fluid is transported in the form of a liquid or gas, shut-off valves, valves and gates are mandatory elements for installation. A wide range of them is presented in the online catalog www.teharmatura.ru/ of the Teharmatura company, which manufactures and direct deliveries). With the help of such locking devices:

  • Full or partial blocking of the flow, including emergency.
  • Redirection or redistribution for delivery to a specific consumer or equipment.

Due to the fact that these products belong to the category of equipment consisting of several, including moving elements, their service life is significantly lower in comparison with pipes:

  • Regular maintenance.
  • Planned repairs.
  • Complete replacement for an identical or better analogue.

They are carried out in accordance with the regulations established by the manufacturer and the specifics of operation (type of transported working fluid, temperature parameters, installation conditions).

Format for selection of shut-off valves

Taking into account the fact that many pipeline systems, especially those used by city services for municipal needs, were put into operation decades ago, valves for their maintenance are currently simply not produced. Moreover, the highways themselves are in a fairly satisfactory condition. The problem of their supply can be solved with the help of the Tekharmatura enterprise. It is enough for the client:

  • Go to the main page of the official website.
  • Fill in the production order form.

And in the absence of the necessary technical documentation, contact the manager of the enterprise for advice. A specialist will help you to correctly place an order and familiarize with the conditions for its implementation.

All ready-made types of shut-off valves presented on the company's website fully comply with the declared parameters and have a quality guarantee. Additionally, they are tested for strength and tightness using test stands of the company immediately before shipment to the customer.

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