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Installation of screw piles from the LenSvaya company

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Installation of screw piles from the LenSvaya company

The foundation on screw piles is very popular nowadays. The high popularity is associated with a number of advantages, including the low cost of the materials used, simplicity and ease of installation. Installation of this type of foundation is possible in all weather conditions. He is not afraid of sudden changes in temperature. In this case, the piles can be installed on any type of soil. On the site https://lensvaya.ru/vintovye-svai-108-mm you can familiarize yourself with the specifics of installing this type of foundation.

Installation of 108 mm screw piles

An important feature of the installation of this type of foundation is the high speed of construction. Even when installing on uneven terrain, the installation time will not take more than 1 working day. Piles with a diameter of 108 mm are optimal for the construction of low-rise buildings. So, baths, log houses, frame-panel houses, etc. can be built on the foundation of screw piles. The main technical characteristics of screw piles include barrel diameter, barrel metal thickness, blade diameter, blade metal thickness.

What is needed to install a screw pile foundation?

If you need to build a high-quality foundation from screw piles, you can refer to the website of the Len Pile company. Before installation, the company's specialists will determine the type of soil, the depth of freezing, the bearing capacity of the entire structure. It is also important to determine the water table. After that, it will be necessary to install the foundation, taking into account all the features - the construction project, the relief of the place, etc. As soon as this volume of work is completed, it will be possible to proceed to the strapping of the foundation and the construction of the object itself.

On the site you can order a quick calculation of the cost of the foundation. To do this, you must fill out an online application on the website. Here you can get advice on any questions regarding ordering the installation of screw piles. For the convenience of customers, the website indicates the cost of screw piles and a head. For more information, you can go to the company's website.

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