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Concrete for the foundation of a multi-storey building

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Concrete for the foundation of a multi-storey building

There are many types of foundations. But, for multi-storey construction, in most cases, builders choose a monolithic or columnar option. In order for the building to withstand all the loads later, you need here select the optimal concrete mix for pouring. The cement and additional ingredients used, as well as their proportions, will be decisive in the strength and durability of the whole building.

Features of the choice for a monolithic foundation

Reinforced with a reinforcing cage, the future base of the building is able to resist not only static, but also dynamic loads. But, the strength will still be affected by the choice of poured concrete. There are basic selection criteria for experienced and professional builders:

  1. The foundation in the form of pillars (supports) embedded in the rock needs high-quality concrete of the M-250 brand. It will resist well to all kinds of stress.
  2. Monolithic, poured like a pillow with a metal frame in the middle, it uses concrete of the M-200 brand. It resists temperature extremes and high humidity well.
  3. Tape, for one-story construction of private buildings, the M-150 brand is quite enough.

The choice of the optimal concrete ensures that the building will not bend in the future. Walls won't crack. And even many years later, the foundation will reliably resist negative operating factors.

What else influences the choice?

Not only the height of the building will influence the choice of the type of foundation and the grade of concrete. There are a number of additional variables to consider:

  • the actual weight of the building pressing against the foundation;
  • properties of the soil where construction is underway;
  • natural climatic conditions of use;
  • only static or dynamic loads;
  • natural resistance to moisture absorption.

Preliminary calculations will help to avoid many mistakes. In some cases, it is better to play it safe and choose a higher quality concrete. In this case, a solid foundation will be able to withstand heavy loads if some adjustments need to be made during the construction process.

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