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Screw piles as a foundation

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Screw piles as a foundation

One of the simplest and most reliable ways to equip a base for a light structure is to use screw piles. The design feature allows you to correctly distribute the weight, so that the supports do not sag under the weight of the building. In addition, prices for screw piles are so affordable that they cannot compete with no other traditional type of foundation.

Product design features

It is possible to mark the site and screw the piles in record time. This does not require expensive and heavy equipment. As a rule, screw pile manufacturers have the required machine capable of installing products on site within one day. The main advantages of the design include:

  • Screw piles can be installed with hand tools, without the involvement of equipment.
  • Well made products can last at least 50 years after installation.
  • Ideal for wooden one-story buildings.
  • There is no negative impact of groundwater and freezing of the foundation.
  • Minimum amount of earthworks on the site.
  • During operation, if the owner of the site wants to expand the building, additional piles can be installed without damaging the main structure.

For which soil is it suitable?

Steel piles are practically not demanding on the composition and relief of the soil. The dense layers on which the product design rests are at a sufficient depth. They are permanent and do not depend on natural phenomena on the surface of the site. Screw piles will be the best solution on the following types of soil:

  • mobile, floating ground on ravine slopes;
  • soils prone to freezing to a considerable depth;
  • area with high groundwater and a tendency to flooding;
  • on peat soils with a very loose top layer.

Piles can be installed in the immediate vicinity of trees, with a developed root system. They harmoniously penetrate the soil and do not interfere with the natural development of plants in the future.

Important: depending on the actual diameter of the pile, it can take on a load from 4 to 8 tons. Thus, it is quite easy to calculate the number of piles required to erect a building.

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