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Galvanized sheet metal

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Galvanized sheet metal

To protect the sheet metal assortment, as well as parts or structural elements made from it, from the effects of corrosion and chemically active elements, galvanizing technology is used. Zinc can be applied to the surface in a variety of ways with appropriate sheet metal classification. You can get acquainted with the species in more detail using the online catalog https://metallsnab-tver .ru /catalog /list-otsinkovannyy / by METALLSNAB, which supplies directly from manufacturers. Here are the most common galvanizing technologies.

Hot-dip galvanized

The technology is quite effective and allows you to apply the coating in a uniform layer. It is rarely used due to the high energy consumption and negative impact on the environment. The method implies:

  • Use of strong aggressive chemicals to degrease and etch metal surfaces.
  • Submerging the workpiece in a bath of molten zinc.
  • Fluxing and drying.

In the technical data sheet of the final product (sheet metal), the abbreviation “Mountains. C 0 ", where instead of zero, the thickness of the zinc coating of the surface in microns is indicated. There may be a description of the type of additional special treatment applied by the manufacturer.

Cold galvanized

The so-called painting method of applying zinc to the surface by spraying with a spray gun. A special liquid mixture contains up to 86% zinc and special solvents. It can also be applied with a brush or roller, even outdoors. The method, as a rule, is used for galvanizing ready-made parts or elements.

Galvanized zinc

The surface of the processed metal is subjected to galvanic and chemical effects at the same time. This method is characterized by high adhesion of metal and zinc, as well as uniform application of a protective layer. Products have the abbreviation "EC" indicating the thickness of the layer.

You can familiarize yourself with the types and order metal products with a protective zinc layer using the METALLSNAB website. The names presented on the catalog pages are available at the supplier's metal warehouse and are sold online.

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