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Vacuum pumps from the HCMP company

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Vacuum pumps from the HCMP company

If you are interested in reliable vacuum technology and special-purpose equipment, you can pay attention to the current offers of the company "HCMP". She specializes in the development of such equipment in full accordance with the requirements of the customer. At the same time, you can buy equipment in different configurations and degrees of automation. On the site https://gkmp32.com/spec/vakuumnye-nasosy/ there is a wide selection of vacuum pumps in different modifications depending on the technical parameters.

Vacuum pumps: model selection

Each customer, before placing an order for the purchase of a vacuum pump, can preliminarily study the models and their technical characteristics. To do this, the site contains an up-to-date catalog listing the main parameters. While studying the offers, you can opt for such offers:

  • Japanese-made dry scrolling foreline pumps of various models. They differ in such basic criteria - ultimate vacuum, power consumption, inlet flange, etc.
  • Oil foreline pumps. Selection can be carried out depending on such criteria - noise level, pumping speed, flange, power supply, ultimate pressure, etc.
  • Magnetic suspension turbomolecular pumps equipped with an integrated controller.
  • Turbomolecular pumps with rotor on bearings. The models are represented by such well-known manufacturers - Edwards, Kyky, Shimadzu and others.

If necessary, you can purchase vacuum measuring equipment - sensors of the Edwards, Active series. Models of sensors are thermal, ionization, wide-range, membrane and others. There is an opportunity to buy shut-off, structural fittings from the world's leading manufacturers.

How to order vacuum pumps?

Is there a task to buy high-quality vacuum pumps? You can contact the specialists of the scientific and production association HCMP. You can place an order on the website online. To do this, it is enough to fill out an online application on the website. You can also get advice on the choice of pump models.

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