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Custom made springs

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Custom made springs

Springs are details of structural diagrams of most types of wheeled tracked or machine-tool equipment, including imported ones. Their planned wear or breakdown as a result of intensive use requires a complete replacement of this part. Purchase the springs of the required parameters:

  • By size and configuration.
  • By the magnitude of the compressive or tensile force.

It is possible, in most cases through an order and a long wait for delivery by the supplier. There is another more practical option - an application for manufacturing at the Center for Metalworking Services in St. Petersburg "SZMP" through https://szfo-metall.ru/ the official website of the enterprise. Access to the resource is free for all interested clients and does not require prior registration.

Types of springs produced

Availability of production facilities equipped with the most advanced and high-tech equipment, as well as a full staff of qualified employees allow the company "SZMP" to accept orders for the manufacture of various types of springs. The production is carried out using the technology of cold and hot wrapping. Such types are made as:

  • Classic compression, tension or bending springs.
  • Poppet or disc spring devices.
  • Tape, when winding is carried out according to a certain technology and the coil of the spring acquires a flat shape in the form of a tape.
  • Conical and wire springs.

Acceptance of orders for the manufacture of a spring is carried out after the provision of drawings with a detailed description of the product or a sample, according to which the engineering staff will draw up a technological map.

You can get more detailed information and familiarize yourself with the conditions for filing an application for the manufacture of the required models of springs using the site of the company "SZMP". It is enough for the client to independently call the phone numbers indicated on his main page or use the "Contact us" option to receive comprehensive answers to all his questions from the enterprise manager.

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