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Selection of jib hand cranes

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Selection of jib hand cranes

To carry out high-quality loading and unloading operations, it is advisable to use specialized lifting equipment. So, a manual jib crane can come in handy, which perfectly copes with the tasks at hand. On the site https://atlant-kran.ru/konsolnye-krany/ You can purchase a wide range of such equipment. It is enough to contact the specialists of the Atlant Crane company. Let's get acquainted with the range of equipment in more detail.

Tap options

The company's specialists sell hand cranes in various modifications. The following models are available for purchase:

  • Stationary - for a variety of high-load tasks. In appearance, such a crane is represented by a base with an I-beam.
  • Wall-mounted - designed for installation at different production facilities with no possibility of installation on horizontal roofs.
  • Mobile - for working on different objects. Typically, such devices are used in workshops, auto repair shops, etc.

Various models of jib cranes are presented in the product catalog.

Cost of jib cranes

On the company's website, you can check the current cost. When forming the cost, design features, type of drive and others play an important role. The lifting capacity and boom height also play an important role. The price list on the website shows the cost of a cantilever stationary crane, a wall-mounted electric crane and other models.

The company's specialists offer a large selection of jib cranes in different designs. Before buying, you can familiarize yourself with the description of the crane models and the pricing policy. This will allow you to find information on technical characteristics, explore additional options. You can choose a jib crane model depending on the required parameters - lifting capacity, boom height and other characteristics. If necessary, you can get advice on the choice of products. The company's managers will help you choose a model based on your needs and tasks. The catalog is presented on the site.

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