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Wheel supports for trolleys

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Wheel supports for trolleys

Wheels and castors are widely used in various types of machinery and equipment. Among the most common types of equipment are tour towers, platform and hydraulic carts, containers for waste collection, hand stackers, medical equipment and others. On the site koleca-telezhki.ru you can purchase wheel bearings of various types and series. Here you can also see the current offers of the company.

How to choose wheel stands?

Wheels and castors are selected according to the following principles:

  • By series.
  • By type.
  • By Application.

So, depending on the series, the wheels of the FCD, ZKP, HBZ, MKT and others series are distinguished. Depending on the type, industrial, hardware, nylon, heat-resistant, pneumatic wheels are distinguished. For example, polyurethane wheels are among the most versatile types. They can be used in different types of technology. Heavy duty wheels are made of black rubber. Heat-resistant wheels made of refractory and durable cast iron are very popular.

Making a focus on the way of application, it is possible to note wheels for waste containers, garden and agricultural equipment, hydraulic carts, ovens, scaffolding, medical furniture, etc. Each field of application has its own specifics of the operation of wheel bearings. Therefore, when choosing options, it is important to understand exactly in what area they will be exploited. The most demanded are industrial castors. The tire is made of black molded rubber, the rim is made of steel or nylon.

Where can I order quality wheel assemblies?

On the website koleca-telezhki.ru you can purchase wheel bearings from well-known manufacturers. The catalog offers a large selection of high quality models with an official guarantee. All models have high performance, reliability and durability. Clients are offered favorable terms of cooperation - a 100% guarantee for all goods, seasonal discounts, a large selection of products in stock. We have all the necessary certificates.

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