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Ordering hand stackers from the "Sklad Tech" company

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Ordering hand stackers from the "Sklad Tech" company

At any warehouses and production workshops, special attention is paid to the transportation of goods and their lifting to a height. Hand stackers are simple mechanical devices, the main task of which is to lift loads to a height of up to three meters. If you are faced with the task of buying high-quality lifting equipment, you can contact the specialists of the Sklad Tech company. Find out more about ordering conditions on the company's website.

Hand stackers: features of the choice of mechanisms

The main options for choosing hand stackers are:

  • Loading capacity.
  • Lift height.
  • Fork length

These are the main technical characteristics that form the choice of lifting devices. So, depending on the lifting capacity, you can buy stackers from 500 to 2000 kg. The lift height shows how far the machine can lift the load. The pitchfork is adjustable in length and width. This indicator forms the ability to work with pallets of different sizes.

Benefits of using hydraulic stackers

Hand stackers differ in different technical parameters. Moreover, they have high performance properties. Among them, one can single out simplicity and trouble-free operation, clear and accessible control, compactness, lightness. Stackers are highly maintainable. Any element can be easily replaced if necessary.

The design of the stacker is simple and straightforward for easy operation. On the site you can study its features in detail and choose the most suitable model of the lifting device.

Where to buy hand stackers?

The manual hydraulic stacker is a robust piece of equipment that can be easily applied in warehouse environments. If you need to equip your enterprise with high-quality devices, you can pay attention to the Skladtech offers. The site contains a catalog with different models that differ in operational features. You can pay attention to models of different carrying capacities. You can buy them with an official guarantee from the manufacturer and delivery.

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