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Purchase of geotextiles for the foundation

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Purchase of geotextiles for the foundation

Laying the foundation requires compliance with all norms and requirements. It is very important to use high quality materials to obtain a foundation with high strength, reliability and long-term performance. On the site https://bikra-m.ru/geo/geomaterialy/geotekstil/dlya-fundamenta/ you can purchase geotextiles for the foundation in various modifications. Let's get acquainted with the choice of this building material in more detail.

Basic properties and functions of geotextile

The main purpose of geotextiles is additional protection of the foundation for the best stability. Among its main useful properties, one can distinguish the improvement of the bearing characteristics of the structure, the strengthening of the soil. In addition to high reinforcing characteristics, drainage properties should be noted. It is able to divert groundwater, thereby protecting the base from the harmful effects of moisture. As a result of using geotextiles, the foundation does not sag, and the possibility of its further destruction is excluded.

How to choose geotextile for foundation?

The main parameter that plays a key role in the choice of geotextiles is density. Allocate options with a density of 200, 350 g /square meter. The properties of the soil, the load on the material play an important role. If you find it difficult to choose the material for the construction of the foundation, you can contact the specialists of the company "Bikra". They will help you choose the material based on the needs and scope of operation. They will also give all the necessary advice on choosing geotextiles and making a purchase.

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