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Development of the key cluster of the project MMK "Attraction"

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In Magnitogorsk, the development of a unique museum and educational complex has begun, which will become the core of the large-scale project for the development of the urban environment "Attraction". The initiator and organizer of the project is Viktor Rashnikov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMK.

The project, which has no analogues in Russia, is aimed at creating a comfortable urban environment of a qualitatively new level on an area of ​​400 hectares belonging to the Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant. Modern sports, medical, museum, educational and cultural facilities will be concentrated here, where residents and guests of the city will be able to actively relax, play sports, receive high-quality medical care, improve their educational and cultural level.

The central part of the project "Attraction "Will become a museum and educational cluster. In order to fill it with modern content, relevant technologies and capabilities, the Deputy Director for Digital Development of the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, Vladimir Odedenov, visited Magnitogorsk for consultation. He has more than forty projects under his belt with the Ministry of Culture of Russia, the Tretyakov Gallery, the State Hermitage, the Russian Museum and the Russian State Library.

In Magnitogorsk, the expert got acquainted with the expositions of the Museum of History and Local Lore, the MMK Technical Museum, and visited the sights of Magnitka ... In his opinion, the museum and educational center should become an important component of the project, because entertainment alone will not help form the cultural and social space. To love their city, residents must know its history, remember those who created it.

“As I understand it, Magnitka is used to aiming at global things and successfully implementing them. Today, every institution is looked at from all over the world, and even a small museum can be positioned globally, ”said Vladimir Defenov. He added that today museums are taking on the functions of a cultural center, in which there is a place for both interactivity and the possibility of communication with the natural environment. These are complex cultural clusters, where lecture halls, creative laboratories and incubators organically coexist. The support of the "Attraction" project by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of MMK Viktor Rashnikov is the correct and modern position, noted the guest of Magnitogorsk: cultural objects all over the world cannot exist without the support of big business, patrons of art who understand their social responsibility.

"The Museum and Educational Cluster is the core, the heart of the project" Attraction ", the most complex of all objects in terms of filling, development, operation, - said the head of the project" Attraction "Maxim Yasko. - Now the project is at the stage of preliminary design of the entire territory, objects, buildings, structures located on it, including the museum and educational cluster. A complex of interconnected and complementary objects: a museum and educational complex, a theme park with an open-air museum - will be integrated into the common park space. A museum educational concept is currently being developed, which should be formed by the end of this year. After that it will be possible to issue a design assignment and move on. "

Plans for the implementation of the "Attraction" project are included in the development strategy of Magnitogorsk until 2035. The development of the territory will proceed in stages. In addition to the museum and educational complex, one of the centers of "Attraction" will be a sports cluster with a swimming pool, indoor ice arena, indoor and outdoor sports grounds. The multifunctional medical center, equipped with modern equipment, will provide both primary health care and specialized care, as well as high-tech. The park area will be divided into several zones: a family recreation area - with walking paths, gazebos, playgrounds, artificial reservoirs; active recreation area - from amusement parks; grounds for cultural and sports events, as well as a natural park.

“I am glad that the idea of ​​the project is receiving a lively response and support not only from Magnitogorsk residents,” comments Viktor Rashnikov. “I am sure that its implementation will provide a qualitatively new level of education, recreation, medical services and sports for all residents and guests of the city, will give a countdown to the modern history of Magnitogorsk - a city of qualitatively new living conditions and new opportunities.”

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