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Artificial graphite by special technology

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Artificial graphite by special technology

The Chinese company ESA UNION INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO has been exporting industrial chemical raw materials, spare parts, equipment and graphite products since 2007. The company's priority is the supply of quality products from Chinese manufacturers, which are controlled at all stages of production. Thanks to the professionalism, experience and qualifications of specialists, competitive prices for all products are maintained. Cooperation with Chinese manufacturers leads to mutually beneficial results. One of the products manufactured by the company's specialists is isostatic graphite.

Material and its properties

Isostatic granite is obtained by pressing in a liquid medium. The uniform structure of graphite is achieved as a result of high-temperature processing at high pressure in the capsule from all sides, so it has the same physical properties in all directions. To obtain artificial graphite, specialists use finely ground waste from the metallurgical and oil refining industries, impregnated with special chemicals.

Isostatic graphite has:

  • fine grain
  • high density
  • gas tight
  • porosity
  • wear resistance
  • uniformity of structure
  • increased strength
  • thermal conductivity
  • electrical conductivity.

These properties of the material give it an ideal surface quality.

Graphite Applications

Isostatic graphite is used in many areas of modern industry:

  • in metallurgy it is used for the manufacture of precision parts in melting crucibles and casting molds
  • in mechanical engineering and tank construction it is used in the production of friction rings, pump blades, end and piston guides
  • in the aviation and rocket industry
  • in the electrical and electronic industries for the manufacture of cassettes, substrates, sealing platforms, anodes, parts for vacuum devices, electrodes for EDM machines
  • nuclear power
  • in the production of artificial crystals (to create crucibles for growing diamonds and silicon crystals)
  • jewelry industry
  • printing.

Purchasing Products

On the company's website https://eaunioncn.com/grafit/izostaticheskij- grafit / through the company's managers or by phone + 86-532-80904 536/37, you can negotiate the delivery of the desired product, as well as get answers on the assortment and characteristics of the goods.

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