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Rosstandart approved two national standards in the field of asset management

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Rosstandart approved two national standards in the field of asset management

Two standards that ensure optimal management of physical assets are approved by orders of Rosstandart. The standards were prepared by NPP "SpetsTek", submitted for approval by the Technical Committee for Standardization "Asset Management" (TC86).

This is, firstly, GOST R 55.0.03-2021 “Asset Management. Management systems. Guidance on the application of ISO 55001 ", and secondly - GOST R 55.0.06-2021" Asset management. Guidelines for Ensuring the Consistency of Financial and Non-Financial Activities in Asset Management ”. The standards will come into effect on 01.09.2021.

In Russia, there are five standards of the GOST R 55.0.00 series. They are focused primarily on the management of physical assets, which are understood as technological equipment, machinery, inventories and real estate. The standards provide a methodological framework for the management system with which an organization can extract the maximum value from assets under the existing constraints (costs, risks) and taking into account the expectations of interested parties.

This system provides the organization with standard channels for interacting with stakeholders to identify their expectations. It contains a model for making trade-off decisions based on the best balance of results obtained from the use of assets, associated with assets risks and costs. It also helps to break down internal barriers between different professionals and departments that must make consistent decisions about assets at all stages of their life cycle.

The standardization of processes eliminates their heterogeneity within the geographically distributed structure of the enterprise. In turn, this provides an opportunity to consistently implement improvements and transfer knowledge no matter where it happens. For service organizations that supply asset management services, standardization ensures uniformity of maturity and quality of services, creates uniform "interfaces" of interaction with service customers.

The GOST R 55.0.03-2021 standard is identical to the international standard ISO 55002: 2018 "Asset management - Management systems - Guidelines for the application of ISO 55001". Its purpose is to explain the requirements for an asset management system and provide useful examples of their implementation. It serves as a good guide for those managers and professionals whose activities are directly related to the physical assets of the enterprise, as well as for those who develop, implement, operate, maintain and improve the asset management system.

Compared to the previous version, GOST R 55.0.03-2021 differs in greater detail, a broader picture of examples of good asset management. New applications have appeared in the standard with a large number of illustrations and examples. Clarified previously confusing issues. We found an explanation of the difficult-to-understand asset management issues.

The GOST R 55.0.06-2021 standard was developed taking into account the main regulatory provisions of the international standard ISO \ TS 55010: 2019 "Asset management - Guidance on the alignment of financial and non-financial functions". The appearance of this document is due to the fact that specialists of different profiles are involved in the management of physical assets - financiers, production workers, repairmen, suppliers. They form isolated functional enclaves, making inconsistent or even mutually exclusive decisions about the same assets. This reduces the efficiency of asset management and the value derived from assets.

The GOST R 55.0.06-2021 standard helps to overcome these barriers. It provides terminology, creates the basis of a common professional language for professionals engaged in financial and non-financial asset management activities. Its use will ensure effective interaction of services and exchange of knowledge, combine them on the basis of a common understanding of the goals of asset management, and ensure teamwork aimed at corporate rather than departmental goals.

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