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"Cargo Mechanics" in the TOP 1000 successful suppliers of the B2B-Center platform

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"Cargo Mechanics" in the TOP 1000 successful suppliers of the B2B-Center platform
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B2B - what is it?

B2B is an acronym for business-to-business and refers to a format of commercial relationships between companies in which one company provides goods or services to another company. B2B is a market segment important for many sectors of the economy; it is the basis for the functioning of most enterprises.

The B2B sector involves understanding the needs and benefits for both parties, establishing long-term partnerships, careful planning and effective execution of transactions. B2B requires companies to have a high level of professionalism, effective marketing, logistics and customer service.

Features of B2B interaction include working on specialized platforms for communication and transactions. Complex contractual relationships, personalized offers and a high degree of professionalism when communicating with business partners become more accessible when communicating on such platforms.

Electronic trading platform (ETP) B2B-Center.

B2B-Center is a platform focused on bidding between companies. Procurement and sales for 43 types of procedures are carried out at the ETP. The platform brings together sellers and buyers from various sectors of the economy: metallurgical, automotive, petrochemical and several others.

The B2B-Center platform is a huge association of buyers and sellers, ready for productive cooperation in the matter of interaction and honest cooperation.

The Freight Mechanics company was included in the TOP 1000 ranking of successful Russian suppliers, which is compiled every year by the B2B-Center electronic trading platform. Members of the list are determined automatically based on an assessment of their performance based on several criteria.

More than 600 thousand companies registered on the electronic platform took part in the study. The final list includes suppliers with the highest procurement winning rates. Moreover, they took part in at least 10 trading procedures for three different customers.

“We see that the professional competencies of suppliers in electronic trading are constantly growing. Our annual research helps identify companies with best practices and broadcast their success stories throughout the market. The selection is carried out on the basis of objective data and criteria, so small enterprises are included in the TOP-1000 along with industry leaders,” notes Andrey Boyko, commercial director of B2B-Center.

Successful supplier.

The Freight Mechanics company was awarded the “Successful Supplier” sign and received a special mark on the B2B-Center site. The status confirms the contribution of suppliers to the development of competition in the Russian market, the effectiveness of participation in procurement and the trust of customers.

Among the participants who received the “Successful Supplier” sign there are representatives of various industries involved in: equipment production, supply of metallurgical, agricultural and chemical products, logistics service providers, construction companies, banks, etc.

B2B meaning.

To summarize the work of the B2B segment, we note its significant impact on various business sectors and stimulating economic development. It provides a powerful tool for companies to meet their needs, create value for their customers and grow in a competitive market.

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