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Metal products of "Severstal" under the brand SeverFarm confirmed performance properties

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated
steel and mining companies, received formal opinion
National research technological University MISIS on evaluation
corrosion resistance and durability of metal, produced under the brand

the results of the tests confirmed the claimed by the manufacturer
properties, and allowed to recommend SeverFarm for use in medium - and
mileagesaver environments, for example, for interior finishing of buildings and constructions
the chemical and petrochemical industry, agro, and to
use in low temperatures. The service life of the metal,
produced under the brand SeverFarm, will be at least 20 years. When operating
under normal conditions and temperatures the lifespan of the building will be
more than 50 years.

SeverFarm is galvanized metal with a special coating,
resistant biologically and chemically aggressive
environments. In addition to high corrosion resistance, the coating has a maximum protection
of UV radiation and increased resistance to mechanical
damage. This product is recommended for construction and reconstruction
industrial and agricultural facilities, and buildings and structures
of the chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper and food

For example, the company "Severstal" have used it for facade cladding
lab consoildate manufactured by Cherepovets steel plant. This
first experience SeverFarm for cladding on site
industrial site and, in particular, under the existing chemical
production. Also the product comes to build the facilities of the Center
construction of large marine structures constructed of PJSC "NOVATEK" on
the territory of the Kola shipyards in the Murmansk region – a region with extremely low

"the Life of a building depends on the wall material, which comes into
contact with the internal and external environment. Severstal offers to its customers
solution which allows a comprehensive approach to the issue of longevity
objects and, in particular, durability of steel structures and sandwich panels
used for building structures in low temperature conditions or
operated in aggressive environments. SeverFarm combines the properties of all
necessary for this property. A reputable research center
confirms the guarantees provided by our company," commented
Director of work with companies in the construction industry Severstal's Yevgeny

"This class of coatings are more resistant to acids, various fertilizers, which
of course profitably used in agriculture. However, SeverFarm
advantages. We conduct various tests and was faced with a
coating which was resistant to this aggressive environment, such as lye.
It is also contained in many detergents. Also it turned out to be
stable to ammonia. All this makes the coating more durable. I can't
speak for all the samples in the world, but those of the Western counterparts, we learned,
these characteristics did not have," reports researcher, MISIS, PhD
of technical Sciences Olga Volkova.

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