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Severstal chose startups for collaboration

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December 18, "Severstal" - one of the largest vertically integrated
mining and steel companies, has summed up work of the first wave of
the accelerator SteelTech jointly with Global Veture Alliace (GVA).
This is the first in Russia industrial full-scale accelerator for startups in the
steel industry.

the Main purpose of the accelerator was the search for innovative solutions in industrial
industry and their successful integration to the production cycle of the company. In the development of
programs of acceleration were taken into account the specific peculiarities of metallurgical production,
that requires a different approach than in accelerators in the field of IT, FiTech, or
other, as the complexity and timing of the testing and piloting solutions to much

Applications for participation filed more than 200 startups from different regions of Russia. 53
for the most promising startups have passed the stage of online preaccelerator where
got more knowledge, spent CusDev (testing the idea or prototype
on the potential consumer), gathered feedback on the project from
direct business customers. Of these, 10 teams were in full-time stage
the accelerator, which tested hypotheses and ran pilot projects on the basis of the
relevant departments of Severstal. In the final Demo Day accelerator
took part of 8 startups and 4 teams from the corporate acceleration
of program, Severstal SteelTech Lab. December 18, they presented their projects in front of
the leadership of Severstal. With 9 projects, the cooperation will continue.

One of the ideas - an eco-friendly solution for the separation, purification, and
recycling of cutting fluids. The implementation of the proposed coagulants
will improve the quality of wastewater and reduce the volume of in landfill
liquid waste in 7 times. The next project design complex predictive
Analytics to predict equipment failure and improve the efficiency of
production. Its implementation will help to develop the first Russian model
digital double using physical and statistical methods
simulation. Also, the participants presented a comprehensive solution for the introduction
measuring systems, a startup producing basalt wool system
prediction of failures and other innovative

"the Results of the first wave accelerator was a successful and
inspiring. We are pleased that the innovation team responded to our
the invitation and offered their ideas. Many hypotheses have been tested
received confirmation of expectations and some even exceeded them. It again
proves that the new technology is in demand not only in the IT sector, but in the
industry. Soon we will launch a second wave of acceleration
of the program. Accelerator SteelTech is just one of the tools of open
innovation that uses "Severstal". We actively invest in new
designs and implement them on our production sites. So, this
year, we spent about $40 million for the projects of our venture Fund and R&D.
Some of the ideas presented today will also be used to solve
the actual business tasks," commented the General Director "Severstal"
Alexander Shevelev.

"the First SteelTech Accelerator was a very interesting experience with
the metallurgical giant. We are very pleased that it was the company "Severstal",
because the involvement of the team from the company was the highest. Colleagues
set the accelerator in high priority and gave him a lot of time and
resources. Startups interacted with internal experts,
experts and the top management. Most of the innovations that came in the first
accelerator - incremental, able to change current business processes and
products, to improve them. In the future, the accelerator will require a more R&D
component, joint development of breakthrough products among start-up and
a large Corporation," - said General Director of GVA Zamir Shukhov.

Acceleration program is implemented with the support of the support of the University sector
nust "MISIS", leading educational and scientific center of the country for training specialists
in the field of metallurgy and materials science. The University annually produces the best
developers of innovations for the industry. To support a program of nust "MISIS"
attracts the best graduates and experts from its database.

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