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Metalloinvest invests over RUB 1 billion in sustainable development of the Kursk Region

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Metalloinvest signed a program of social and economic partnership (SEP) events for 2019 as part of the Agreement on social and economic cooperation with the Administrations of the Kursk Region and the city of Zheleznogorsk.

Metalloinvest signed a program of socio-economic partnership (BOT) events for 2019 as part of the Agreement on Socio-Economic Cooperation with the Administrations of the Kursk Region and the city of Zheleznogorsk.

The document was signed by Acting Governor of the Kursk Region Roman Starovoit, General Director of Metalloinvest Management Company Andrey Varichev and Deputy Head of the Zheleznogorsk Administration Igor Andreev.

The total volume of investments under the program will amount to more than 2 billion rubles. The contribution of the Metalloinvest company will amount to more than 1 billion rubles, the Administration of the Kursk region - 942 million rubles, the Administration of Zheleznogorsk - about 100 million rubles.

"Mikhailovsky GOK is the locomotive of the regional economy of the Kursk region," said the interim governor of the Kursk region Roman Starovoit. - In 2018, the region's consolidated budget received more than RUB 10 billion in taxes from Metalloinvest's enterprises. We are grateful to the shareholders and the management of the company, personally to Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov for active social work and support. The priority in the SEP 2019 program is given to projects in the field of infrastructure development in Zheleznogorsk. We strive to improve the quality of life in the region, provide comfortable conditions for the development of children and youth, and support the elderly residents of the region. Metalloinvest is our key partner in solving these problems. ”

“ Mikhailovsky GOK feels confident in the iron ore market: in 2018, a record level of pellet production of 14.9 million tons was reached, ”said the CEO of the Management Company Metalloinvest Andrey Varichev. - Due to consistently high performance results, the plant is implementing large-scale production development projects. This year investments are expected to exceed 7 billion rubles. Mikhailovsky GOK is the largest taxpayer and employer in the Kursk region, actively involved in the social development of Zheleznogorsk, where the plant's employees and their families live. We are in constant and productive dialogue with the Administrations of the Kursk Region and Zheleznogorsk. The SEP mechanism makes it possible to effectively combine the resources of all stakeholders for the benefit of the sustainable development of the city of miners and the entire Kursk region. ”

“ Zheleznogorsk has become one of the best cities in the Kursk region thanks to Metalloinvest, ”said Igor Andreev, deputy head of Zheleznogorsk. - We see how the image of the city changes from year to year, new quarters grow, sports and educational facilities appear. We are sure that this year the residents of Zheleznogorsk will highly appreciate the work on the improvement of the city and the installation of new elevators in their homes. We have many young families who associate their stability and prosperity with the Mikhailovsky GOK. Our children win prizes at championships, olympiads, regional and Russian festivals. This is the result of joint systematic work. ”

Within the SEP 2019, a large-scale program for the reconstruction and repair of roads in Zheleznogorsk was adopted, for which the Kursk Region Administration allocated 100 million rubles. Outdated elevators in multi-storey buildings will be replaced. A school will be built in District 13.

Metalloinvest is focusing on comprehensive support for the development of social infrastructure in Zheleznogorsk. The company will support the city's medical institutions, specialized secondary specialized educational institutions, and will help the development of children's sports.

The improvement of the city is important in the SEP 2019. Metalloinvest will help build sports and playgrounds, public gardens in Zheleznogorsk, and equip safe pedestrian crossings. Improvement of the city park named after ON THE. Nikitin. This project is being implemented in collaboration with the local community. Social polls were carried out, events with residents voting for the functional and service content of the park. Based on the data obtained, a new concept for the park was developed.

Metalloinvest will also support the renovation of schools, Neptune and Albatross pools, pools in the lyceum and kindergartens, and the construction of changing rooms in the Yubileiny ice rink. The company will provide assistance to the House of Culture "Miners", will allocate funds for the construction of a temple in honor of the Great Martyr Barbara.

The company is initiating a large-scale research project together with the Research Institute of Hygiene, Occupational Pathology and Human Ecology assessment of the impact of production on the environment and human health.

The implementation of corporate social programs and grant competitions for public initiatives "Healthy child ", "Our change ", "Our champions ", "Let's do together! ", " Respond! ", the implementation of cultural and educational projects of the Alisher Usmanov charitable foundation" Art, Science and Sport ", including

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