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CMP in 2019 has increased the supply of rails for the metro

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Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant (OJSC CHMK, enters into Group "Mechel") in 2019 significantly increased the implementation of rail steel for the Moscow metro compared to the 2018.

In 2019 CMP has shipped for the Moscow metro more than 32 thousand tons of rails, which is four times more than in the previous year, when it was sold slightly more than 8 thousand tons. Rails production CMP used for the construction of new metro lines and the renovation of existing ones.

All the rails that the factory put in the address of the Moscow metro, no bolt holes, – when laying in the cloth they are welded in a special way. This lowers the noise level when driving and making the path "velvet".

"CMP Rails are characterized by high operational properties: strength and durability. In manufacturing we use a unique for Russia technology – hardened rails in the organic polymer. In 2020, our cooperation with the underground will continue," – said the sales Director of PJSC "CMP" Vadim Shalygin.

Rails produced at CMP in 2014 – since the start of modern rail and structural steel mill. The mill produces lengths up to 100 meters, including highways with speed up to 250 km/h since the start of production the plant supplied about 1.3 million tonnes of railway products to the Railways, metro, industrial plants and switch factories in Russia and abroad. In 2019 CMP has shipped to customers in more than 279 thousand tons of rail rolled in.

At the end of 2019 capital metro also supplied the contact rails of production of JSC "Izhstal" (enters into Group "Mechel").


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