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Chelyabinsk zinc plant introduces unique inventory system

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Chelyabinsk zinc plant introduces unique inventory system

At the Chelyabinsk zinc plant (part of the metallurgical complex of UMMC) is a unique project. All the equipment for the first time are preparing to electronic inventory. To do this, each object is equipped with a digital chip ID. The system is called "RFID-BC" (a common abbreviation originating from the English words: Radio Frequecy Idetificatio - Bar Code, which means "radio frequency identification – barcode").
RFID tags that are planning to put on the equipment, selected on the basis of CRASH tests – they are resistant to acids and can withstand strong mechanical impact and aggressive from the outside. Information from RFID tags can only be considered a special RFID reader that is a hybrid of the mobile computer and the handle with the antenna. Information can include both the inventory number and data on the state of the object, depending on the manufacturer.

To save money marks are set only on the equipment located at the production sites. Other objects with bar codes. Digital IDs are programmed into readers who can read at a distance and recognize every kind of equipment.

"the Introduction of such system will significantly reduce the cost of holding inventory (currently in the test equipment only a plant can take up to two weeks) and will allow us to identify broken objects, says the author, chief of the Bureau of noncurrent assets Chelyabinsk branch of the Roman Serban. Even if the equipment is unusable or must be replaced, the label can be reprogrammed to another object".

the implementation Program for the duration of 2020. Just for equipping RFID tags and readers, the acquisition will require about 2 million rubles.

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