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Polymer ropes BMK received the approval of the miners

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Beloretsk metallurgical plant (JSC "BMK", included in the group "Mechel") set Kachkanarsky mining and processing combine the rope with a polymer coating. The products have received positive feedback. The ropes are made in the framework of import substitution and are economically more profitable for Russian companies.

BMK shipped to the new consumer – the mining company – steel ropes with a diameter of 45.5 mm with a polymer coating the core and the rope as a whole. They were installed on the pressure, return, and hoists domestic excavators. Testing took place from last August to March of the current.

"experimental-industrial tests showed that the operating time of the rope with a polymer increased by 90% relative to the uncoated ropes with plastically crimped strands. Also significantly reduced the wear of reels and sets of excavators. We believe that the use of such ropes in terms of our enterprise should be", – said the head of the mining Kachkanarsky mining and processing plant Igor Tsvetkov.

the Polymer coating protects the rope from wear, dynamic loads and aggressive environments. Thanks to the use of such products reduced downtime, reduced costs of operation and maintenance, increases the overall economic efficiency of the units and machines.

Kachkanarsky ore mining and processing enterprise (part of metallurgical and mining company EVRAZ) – one of Russia's largest mining enterprises. It is the only mining and processing plant, which produces zhelezovanadievoj concentrate, sinter and pellets used in blast furnace smelting.


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