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NLMK has opened a center for research and development of innovative products

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NLMK Group, the international metals company, opened in Lipetsk laboratory centre for microstructural analysis, which will examine the properties of steels for the development of new premium products and optimization of metal processing.

the Center is equipped with latest precision measuring equipment. Several dozen unique devices allow for more than a thousand types of measurements in microscopy and chemical analysis. Comprehensive studies will help in the development of new steel grades and new products for the automotive industry, energy and construction sectors.

Centre will also be a platform for experience exchange in the professional community and will help to develop cooperation with leading research organizations. Students NLMK-supported colleges and specialized universities will be able to undergo training at the centre and to the skills of working with unique lab equipment, develop computer modeling and microstructural analysis, to identify promising technology trends.

"the Increasing market demand for improving characteristics of metal today can be realized only by deep research at the nanoscale. Our center has an international team of highly qualified scientists that allows the company to set ambitious goals and to offer our customers new products of the premium class", - said the Director of research and development of NLMK Group Anna Korotchenkove.

Equipment research center is the best practice of the industry, the part has no analogues in Russia. Thus, the translucent electronic microscope allows us to "see" the atoms of the crystal lattice with a size of 0.15 nanometers. On a similar microscope in 2017 scientists Dubose, Frank and Henderson was awarded the Nobel prize in chemistry for the development of cryoelectronic of high-resolution microscopy. Optical emission spectrometer allows high speed to determine, for example, the content of nonmetallic inclusions. Quenching and deformation dilatometer makes it possible to simulate mechanical loading of metals in real time.

NLMK plans to continue equipping the direction of the research and development of new laboratories. In 2020 in Lipetsk will open the laboratory of physical modeling for the analysis of processes of thermal and mechanical treatment of steel, and in Belgium La louvière – laboratory, which will specialize in developing coatings on steel products and technologies for their application.

about the company

NLMK Group is a vertically integrated steel company and Russia's largest and one of the world's most efficient producers of steel products.

NLMK's metal Products are used in various industries, from construction and engineering to power-generating equipment and offshore wind turbines.

the Production assets of NLMK are located in Russia, Europe and the USA. The production capacity of steel companies over 17 million tonnes a year.

NLMK has high competitiveness in cost among global manufacturers, the company's profitability is one of the highest in the industry. The company's revenue for 2019 amounted to 10.6 billion dollars, EBITDA – $ 2.6 billion. The ratio of Net Debt/EBITDA amounted to 0.7 H. the Company has a credit rating of investment grade from S&P, Moody's, Fitch and RAEX (Expert RA).

Ordinary shares of JSC "NLMK", free float which is 18.6%, are traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange (Ticker "NLMK"), global Depositary shares on the London stock exchange (Ticker "NLMK:LI"). The share capital of the Company is divided into 5,993,227,240 shares with a par value of 1 Russian ruble.

read More of stockholders ' equity NLMK can be found at the link.

Download photos and corporate video NLMK Group in Mediobanca the link.

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