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The winners of the environmental contest "Mechel" of projects

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Finalist of the ecological competition "Eco-Projector" Maria Shardakova implements environmental project "Christmas Tree". The grant for the implementation of the project the girl received by results of participation in the youth competition, which is supported by Chelyabinsk metallurgical plant (OJSC CHMK, enters into Group "Mechel").

Youth ecological competition "Eco-Projector" is supported by the company for the third year. Young enthusiasts send the draft environmental focus. The authors of the most relevant projects for the region "Mechel" allocates grants for the implementation of the idea, the annual three dozen cash awards.

Maria Shardakova a member of the Public youth chamber at the Chelyabinsk city Council - received a grant for the project on planting of adult spruce trees in the courtyards of urban apartment blocks. The idea of the project is to unite people living in the metropolis, a common good deed.

a Group of volunteers under the leadership of Maria Shardakova held in the courts of the Chelyabinsk children's drawing contest "Tree in our yard." The most active and happy winners of the contest received a gift of a three-meter tree and yard celebration. Grant of "Mechel" was aimed at the purchase and transportation of seedlings and equipment for planting. One of the mandatory conditions of participation in the project was a constant care for the trees after planting.

"Spruce - a symbol of the Russian soul, so I decided to drop her off. It survives well and looks nice in the yard. I learned about the contest from friends who decided to participate and won the grant. For these activists, like me, is a considerable help," says the author of the project.


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