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BMZ is the third time became the laureate of the CIS.

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OJSC "BMZ — holding management company "BMK" is recognized as the laureate of the CIS 2019 for achievements in the field of quality of products and services. The company became the leader among organizations employing more than 3,000 people in the category "Production of industrial products". Thus, BMZ has become the only organization of States of the Commonwealth, three times awarded with the victory in this category over the 12 years of the Award!

the Prestigious award of the Belarusian metallurgical plant was awarded for the production of high quality products, increasing export opportunities, the high reputation manufacturer as in the CIS market and beyond. For a fairly General formulation for the BMZ is everyday meticulous work of many thousands of employees, allowing the company to annually export their products to the demanding consumers in more than 60 countries. The factory not only constantly maintains a high level of quality but also range. Only in 2019, the company produced 265 types of innovative products (its share in the total shipments amounted to 27.3 per cent), 12 of them were mastered for the first time.

a major role in positioning the company on the global market plays and work on QMS certification and production. So, currently supports BMZ in force 8 certificate of conformity for QMS — ISO 9001, STB ISO 9001 (2 certificates, one of which relates to the field of construction and designing), BS EN ISO 9001, API Q1, IATF 16949:2016, AD 2000 W0+ Directive 2014/68/EU — and&bsp;about 60 certificates of conformity for manufacturing different types of products.

in General, In the framework of the BMZ's participation in the competition for the Award of the CIS international experts evaluated the activities of the plant from issues of corporate culture and social responsibility&bsp;to concrete results of work of the organization for business and society.

the CIS Prize is awarded once every two years on a competitive basis to organizations of CIS member States for the significant results in the field of quality of products and services and introduction of highly effective management methods. BMZ became the winner in 2007, 2011 and 2019.

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