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Metalloinvest invested over 7 billion rubles in sustainable development of regions where it operates

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Metalloinvest shared its experience in implementing social initiatives and successfully combating the spread of COVID-19 at enterprises and in the regions where the Company operates at a meeting of the Coordination Council of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs on Counteracting Coronavirus Infection. In 2020, the company allocated more than 7 billion rubles for these purposes.

The funds were used to implement comprehensive programs for the development of healthcare systems, projects for the development of urban infrastructure (improvement of city parks in the cities of Gubkin and Zheleznogorsk, improvement of the recreation area on the embankment and the development of the zoo in Stary Oskol), support for educational, sports and cultural projects, the implementation of corporate volunteer actions and support for people in difficult life situations.

In her speech, Deputy CEO for Sustainable Development and Corporate Communications of Metalloinvest Yulia Mazanova noted that the fight against the pandemic and its consequences required the Company to further increase the scale and activity of work on sustainable development of the territories of its presence.

“Dealing with global challenges is possible only through joint efforts. We have built a direct and open dialogue with regional health care and administrations. This has become one of the key points that allow us to successfully solve the main task: preserving the life and health of people, - said Yulia Mazanova. “The willingness to help, the willingness to take on the burden of responsibility is a guarantee of the sustainable development of our cities even in today's difficult conditions.”

One of the main topics of the meeting was the discussion of the pace of vaccination. The vaccination campaign at Metalloinvest started in mid-January. To date, more than 3.5 thousand employees have already been vaccinated. Despite the positive dynamics in reducing the incidence of COVID-19 in most regions of the country, the situation remains tense. The earliest possible formation of collective immunity remains one of the priority tasks of the Company.

The participants noted that the Coordination Council is an efficient mechanism for exchanging best practices and information on the real situation at large enterprises in various regions of the country. The documents and recommendations developed here make a significant contribution to making informed decisions in the field of supporting the economy, implementing measures to combat the spread of COVID-19.

The meeting of the Coordination Council was attended by Deputy Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Oleg Gridnev, General Director of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev, representatives of McKinsey & Company, MCC EuroChem JSC, PhosAgro PJSC and others.

The RSPP decided to create a Coordination Council for Counteracting Coronavirus Infection on March 17, 2020 due to the difficult epidemiological situation. The council was formed to prevent the spread of coronavirus by combining the organizational and technical capabilities of large industrial companies and coordinating efforts with federal and regional authorities, as well as to create conditions for ensuring stability in the operation of enterprises, especially those operating in a continuous cycle.

For reference:

Metalloinvest's comprehensive program to counter the spread of COVID-19 at enterprises and in the regions where the Company operates was launched immediately after the outbreak of the pandemic.

Operational headquarters were created, an analysis of the employee's path along the "home-work-home" route was carried out: processes were changed at all points of high risk, the necessary measures were taken to reduce the likelihood of infection.

2.5 thousand employees switched to remote work to minimize contacts. All enterprises of the Company are provided with express tests, a mask mode operates, vehicles and premises are disinfected daily, air disinfection devices and dispensers with antiseptic are installed, special markings are used to maintain social distance.

In April 2020, each employee was allocated 10 thousand rubles for the purchase of protective equipment. Kits were issued - reusable masks, gloves, antiseptic and vitamins. The total amount of funds allocated for these measures exceeded 1 billion rubles.

By the second wave of the pandemic, situation centers were created in corporate medical organizations, whose specialists provide organizational and advisory assistance to sick employees. Thanks to this, medical support and treatment of each employee is provided, wherever he is - in a hospital or at home.

An important step was the creation of our own sanitary and epidemiological service: experts analyze the situation, monitor the implementation of anti-epidemic measures, and develop new measures.

At the initiative of the founder of Metalloinvest, Alisher Usmanov, a large-scale program to support public medical institutions worth about 2 billion rubles was launched. Hospitals in Stary Oskol, Gubkin, Belgorod, Zheleznogorsk, Ku

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