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"Severstal" and "Lebedev Studio" has launched a new career website

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Severstal announces the launch of a career site Career.severstal.com,
created by a team of "Artemiy Lebedev Studio". On the ground you can see the
current vacancies of the company and to learn more about the major projects
and the inner life "Severstal".

In this project, the team of "Artemiy Lebedev Studio" has decided to focus on
the attention that is able to inspire candidates and encourage them to respond
to job – challenging projects and interesting tasks. "Severstal" creates
innovation and implementing the latest technology, so it was decided
to illustrate these theses frames with large-scale projects and work

the Main difference between the functionality of a new career site from the previous version
integration with the recruiting system Potok.io. Informed the user, in response to
the vacancy Severstal, are automatically redirected to the website
HH.ru. If he was not registered on this resource, send resume was
impossible, that complicates the interaction with the company. Now the process has become easier
and faster, both for the applicant and for the employer: the summary can be submitted
directly to the database Potok.io with the career site. Such a short way to obtain
of the application is not yet widespread in the Russian HR market. In addition to
the system Potok.io collects feedback from a variety of sources, including
social media and various sites to find work.

For the convenience of users jobs are distributed in 4 areas –
"Production", "IT and Digital", "Office" and "Young professionals". For quick and
easy access jobs are placed in a special sidebar, which
is present on all pages of the website. Each direction contains a
media library that is constantly updated. Story about the projects and events
of the company filed in the form of a stream of different content from face of existing
employees: articles, interviews, videos, audio and photos. Also
the search for available vacancies in enterprises.

"For the last time at "Severstal" there are many career opportunities
new areas. The usual section on the corporate website is not enough to
talk about them properly. The company is undergoing a major transformation,
change business processes and create dynamic and user-friendly resource where you can
to apply for jobs, and now lives the company is a logical step.
in addition, we adopt the best practices of major foreign and Russian
companies that have a similar career page - Nestlé, Google, Amazo,
the savings Bank. I hope users will appreciate the design and media content, as well as with
using our website to join the big team "Severstal"!" -
commented acting HR Director "Severstal" Anna Lvova.

In 2019 to work in "Severstal" was adopted on 6 481 new employee. In addition
of 2 328 students have had internships at the company.

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