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The company "UMMC Developer" announced the start of booking apartments in the fourth stage of the residential complex "Makarovsky"

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The company "UMMC Developer" announced the start of booking apartments in the fourth stage of the residential complex "Makarovsky"

The UMMC Zastroyshchik company received a permit for the construction of the 4th stage of the Makarovskiy residential complex - three new business-class residential buildings. Since August 3, 2020, booking of apartments in section 2.1 has been opened - a house of 18 residential floors with a total living area of ​​30,280 m 2 .

As noted by Evgeny Mordovin, head of development projects at UGMK Developer , in the project of the fourth stage, the company has combined all the best architectural solutions used in the construction of the Makarovsky residential complex.

“The fourth stage is a collection of our best planning solutions for apartments. Many of our customers have been waiting for it. It is distinguished by very convenient planning solutions: rooms of the correct form, in 2- and 3-room apartments there is a master bedroom with its own bathroom and dressing room - this is a business-class "must-have" from "UMMC Developer". You can book a spacious or compact one-room apartment, a two-room apartment with a kitchen-living room of 30 sq.m. or a three-room apartment for a large family. Additional amenities are provided on each floor - storage rooms for seasonal items (lockers), which are cheaper than lockers in the previous stages of the complex, and an elevator directly to the warm underground parking. In this queue, we have added an elevator for cars in the parking lot - it's very convenient. In addition, we have made the apartments affordable. Each apartment has a warm loggia, which, in fact, is not a separate room - the loggia is integrated into the common living area. However, when calculating the final cost of an apartment, a reduction coefficient is still applied to the loggia space. In this regard, a one-room apartment in the fourth stage is also becoming an interesting investment tool - it can be purchased relatively inexpensively for subsequent leasing. The 4th stage is the final opportunity to purchase an apartment from the developer in the Makarovsky residential complex, - said Evgeny Mordovin.

The apartment owner also has the most modern engineering systems from the best world manufacturers: panoramic windows with low a window sill (only 50 cm from the floor) and double-glazed windows with improved thermal insulation, natural light and protection from ultraviolet radiation; noiseless and traumatic Austrian radiators with the ability to accurately adjust the temperature regime, a multi-level water purification system to the drinking level, supply and exhaust ventilation that provides fresh air to the apartment around the clock. In this queue, a fresh design trend has been introduced - doorways to the ceiling, ceiling height of 3 meters, thus, the space of the apartments is suitable for the implementation of almost any idea of ​​designers, in addition, at the construction stage, you can carry out free redevelopment with the help of the developer. The complex has apartments with beautiful views of the Iset River embankment and the Yekaterinburg-City business complex, its own management company (already functioning in the complex), a closed cozy courtyard with natural wood gazebos, "green" areas, game and sports complexes for different ages , multi-level lighting, its own infrastructure (a fitness club with a swimming pool and a children's development center are already working).

The Makarovsky residential complex takes 1st place in the list of the best new buildings in Russia and the Sverdlovsk region according to the professional portal ERZ.RF ", And is also one of the winners of the federal award" TOP LCD "due to consumer properties and rich infrastructure of internal space (closed safe flowering courtyards without cars with playgrounds, workout and lounge areas, a football field and a basketball court; availability of a fitness club with spacious swimming pool, children's development center, family restaurant, etc.).

Reference information

UMMC Zastroyshchik started construction of the Makarovsky business and elite residential quarter in 2017. In 2018. the construction of the 1st stage of the 1st stage of the complex was completed. By the end of 2019, Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 2 of the quarter were fully completed - an elite house and a multi-section business class house; construction of a business-class house of the III stage is planned to be completed by the end of this year, and the construction of the IV stage will be completed by the end of 2022.

Infrastructure of the Makarovsky residential complex :

Fitness club with a swimming pool GOLD`S GYM Ekateriburg (included in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest fitness club chain in the world), a family clinic, a beauty salon, a restaurant, a wine shop, a supermarket, a children's development center “World of Discovery”.

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