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Parimatch accepts hockey bets again

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Parimatch accepts hockey bets again

The coronavirus pardemic has made adjustments to the world of sports and betting. For some period the competition was not held at all. They even canceled prestigious championships like the Ice Hockey World Championship scheduled for May this year in Switzerland. The competition is gradually resumed. And together with them Parimatch accepts bets on hockey.

Why the game is interesting for bettors

Hockey is a dynamic sport. The development of the events of the match changes every minute. The obvious favorites of the start of the competition easily turn into outsiders by the end if they make a series of mistakes. Ice hockey is characterized by variability of painting. It is interesting to play in life. Then the excitement and adrenaline give an unforgettable experience. A correct analysis of the situation helps to make money.

The most popular hockey bets are:

  • total of team, player, match;
  • win (with or without handicap);
  • loss as compensation for frustration for the failure of your favorite team;
  • number of shots on goal;
  • penalty time;
  • individual player stats.

In total, there are many betting options. Parimatch accepts interesting prematch and live bets. Beginners try not to take risks and do not make questionable express bets. Experienced bettors, based on the analysis of teams and personal experience, often choose express bets to increase the winning odds.

It is worth noting that Parimatch has a lower hockey margin than other companies. At the same time, the bookmaker acts legally, guaranteeing the full amount of payments of the money won.

Where to get information about upcoming matches

Not all bettors know yet how and when hockey returns. It is worth following the current information on the website or through the Parimatch application. The page always contains the latest news from the world of sports. Sorting of information by discipline of interest is available.

There are also many authoritative sources on the Internet covering hockey issues. You are allowed to contact the official websites of the leagues, for example, the KHL, for information, where news and analysis of completed events are published. This will help you stay connected.

Why follow the news

Betting is not a game of chance. Premonitions and luck take the last place in forecasts. In the right strategies, bettors who are well versed in a particular sport win.

Bookmaker Parimatch gives all the tools for the player to get decent winnings. You need to try to understand the situation in detail. All experts recommend that you don't just bet on luck in an unfamiliar sport. Experienced fans are able to read and analyze the current situation. Forecast - expert opinion, sometimes different from the opinion of an expert bookmaker.

It is interesting and profitable to place bets on hockey. Sport is distinguished by high coefficients and a variety of painting in the Parimatch office. The market depth of individual matches reaches 100 outcomes.

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