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Do I need to pay income tax at the Parimatch BC

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Do I need to pay income tax at the Parimatch BC

The international holding Pari Match initially worked only in Ukraine. The company was founded in 1994 and in the first few years developed a terrestrial network in its country. Later, the laws of Ukraine changed, betting and other gambling became prohibited. Therefore, the office left its market and declared itself on the international arena. Each country has its own legislation on which income tax depends. Let's consider several options.


Russia learned about the Parimatch bookmaker back in 1998, but the company also had questions with the license. But now the bookmaker operates absolutely legally, the office is a partner of the First Tsupis and operates under the license of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation, which it received back in 2009.

Does not develop the ground network. The management believes that now all prospects are online and it is better to devote all efforts to improving the web resource. By the way, you can play legally only in the .ru domain zone. All other sites, including the popular international one, are blocked by Roskomnadzor in the country. Bettors will have to regularly search for Parimatch mirror and other options to bypass blocking. It is much easier to register on a permitted resource.

A legal game is a regular payment of taxes. Previously, the offices served as tax agents. That is, they themselves transferred the required amounts to the Federal Tax Service, which they deducted from the winnings. Now players are required to independently submit a declaration for the year if their profit is more than 4000 rubles. The tax rate is 13%.

In 2020, Russian Parimatch pleasantly surprised its customers. He decided to offset the tax. You need to provide the administration with a receipt or other documents that indicate the amount of the transfer of funds to the tax authority. As a result, you receive a bonus equal to the amount paid. In fact, you have nothing to lose. You can spend this money on the game.


In Ukraine, the situation is ambiguous, because gambling has been banned for a long time.In August 2020, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy issued a law on the legalization of betting and gambling, but it has not yet fully entered into force. The office has already applied for a license, but there is no official response in February 2021 yet.

Therefore, fans of sports and betting are registered on an international resource that operates in the Komov zone under the license of Curacao. This site is designed for residents from Europe and the CIS. The emphasis is on domestic championships, as well as top European tournaments. Gambling is in demand. Poker Parimatch has become very popular.

Playing in the offshore zone, gamblers from Ukraine do not have to pay taxes. That is, they receive the amount of net winnings and lose very little on transactions. It all depends on the chosen payment system. There are no specific sanctions against players. Most likely, they will appear after the full entry into force of the law on legalization.


In Belarus, you can bet on sports and even gamble - slots, cards, roulettes and the like. Parimatch has all the necessary documents to work in this country. There is a convenient site for remote gaming, it is located on the .by domain. We recommend to learn more about the company parimatch-by.club .

The company is also actively developing its land business here. In the header of the site you will find the “Our addresses” tab. In the search box, enter the city, you will see all relevant addresses. Note that the clubs are very modern. Some of them offer drinks and are even full-fledged sports bars. Whole companies come here to watch matches. The site provides sorting, you can choose round-the-clock establishments with a bar and TVs.

How are things going with taxes? Each player is required to pay tax, but the amount is insignificant. If a resident of Russia will have to pay 13%, then Belarusians - only 4%. The latest changes in legislation were made back in 2016. But there are also some nuances here.

The player does not fill out the declaration, Parimatch will do everything for him. When requesting a withdrawal, 4% will be automatically debited. It doesn't matter if the client won or the bet was calculated as a refund, four percent will have to be paid.

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