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EDI NETWORK for electronic document management

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EDI NETWORK for electronic document management

Despite the regularly expanding capabilities of computer technology and the use of the Internet space as a working tool, the bureaucratic component in the form:

  • Mandatory submission of reports to government agencies.
  • Conducting certain transactions through financial institutions.
  • Contractual partnerships.

Implies the presence of so-called "paperwork". It can be replaced quite successfully by electronic document flow , but many positions, especially in international (intercity) logistics activities require information on paper:

  • Original (blue) seals and stamps.
  • Signatures of the manager and responsible person, not a photocopied or fax copy.

It is to address these issues that the EDI NETWORK electronic platform was developed, which is being implemented and successfully operates in practice among users who have installed it from a variety of commercial activities.

Features and benefits of the electronic platform

The main part of the document flow of almost any commercial enterprise falls on its financial department and accounting department. Full adaptation of the EDI NETWORK electronic platform to the standards of the ubiquitous 1C Accounting software allows:

  • Reduce the time it takes to receive the required (originals) documents from contractors to one click on the keyboard.
  • Simplify the exchange of paper documents to a minimum.

And the most important thing is the ease of connecting the platform. It is carried out according to the application left on the website of the company that provides this type of service on a professional basis. It must contain:

  • Data of the customer's company (phone number of the person in charge).
  • Addresses (regardless of the region and country of registration) and the names of the counterparties with which the E-document flow is established.

For individual advice and information on the cost of services on the resource, the option of contacting the project manager is provided. The specialist contacts the customer at the phone number or email address provided by him and answers all organizational questions.

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