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Stainless steel railings, handrails and railings

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Stainless steel railings, handrails and railings

The manufacturing technology of handrails with wooden handrails is considered archaism today and is practically not used. Despite the fact that the tree itself is pleasant to the touch and does not cool the hand in winter, such designs have a whole list of disadvantages:

  • The need for regular surface painting.
  • Not securely attached to the fence itself.
  • Susceptibility to mold and mildew.

They were replaced by lightweight and durable material, which is commonly called "Stainless steel". Typical and made according to individual dimensional parameters stainless steel railings Dnepr has been provided with these structures since 2003 by the manufacturing company InoxMetal, today they are found everywhere:

  • In public places.
  • In office and commercial establishments.
  • In private cottages and housing estates.

And not only a professional designer or finisher will be able to appreciate their aesthetic advantage. Cast in a bright steel color both in natural and artificial lighting, they do not visually clutter up the space, but at the same time they bear the functional requirements imposed on them - a fence or support when moving.

Quality advantages of stainless steel railings and fences

In addition to high aesthetic parameters, stainless steel railings and railings have a number of additional advantages. It should be noted right away that the material itself is approved by the sanitary and epidemiological authorities for use in the food industry, children's and medical institutions. Handrails and handrails made from it:

  • Completely insensitive to moisture and chemically active substances.
  • Does not require maintenance (painting, priming).
  • Can be treated with any kind of disinfectant (especially a hot topic in a pandemic).
  • Installed both in heated rooms and on the streets.
  • They have a long service life regardless of the impact of weather factors (service life is from 25 years).

Fences and railing from stainless steel are produced by InoxMetal in a standard format (the kit includes all elements necessary for the installation of standard railings) and according to individual orders.

You can study in detail the options that have already been put into operation using the official website of the enterprise. Ready-made kits presented on the pages of the online catalog are available and sold from the company's warehouse. The entire product is provided with a guarantee, it is possible to order delivery and installation by InoxMetal specialists.

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