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Doors online store

Many will say that the front door is the hallmark of the apartment. Indeed, before entering the room, everyone pays attention first to the door. Therefore, when ordering entrance doors, it is very important to pay attention to all the details - appearance, material, quality, etc. door site , on which you can find models for every taste.

Door catalog: how to choose the best option

Actually, it all depends on the needs of the clients. If you need to install new entrance doors, you can pay attention to high-quality metal solutions with expensive fittings. These are modern solutions from various manufacturers, including Ukraine and Belarus.

You can also pay attention to the models of interior doors, different not only in appearance and design, but also in the type of construction. You can pay attention to the proposals of such brands as "New Style", "Omega", "Dooris", "Provence" and others.

The catalog contains door models of the following construction types:

  • Sliding.
  • Hidden.
  • Accordion.
  • Fireproof.
  • For saunas, etc.

Thus, each client will be able to choose the doors for installation according to the overall style of the interior.

Ordering doors from the online store " Domtexnik "

By studying the offers of the virtual catalog, you can also purchase interior arches, bathroom furniture, baseboards and other goods. In addition to selling products, the company provides installation services, calling a measurer, dismantling old structures. You can get acquainted with all services in more detail, as well as study the catalog of door models, on the website.

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