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The Severstal Charitable Foundation has launched a project for children in grades 5-7 in Cherepovets

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The Road Home Charitable Foundation in Cherepovets presented the Youth Parking project. Within the framework of the project activities, infrastructural development spaces and events will be organized for schoolchildren of grades 5-7 - schoolchildren of the industrial district of the city within five years. The efforts of education specialists, the Foundation and the Severstal company will be aimed at providing children who are not covered by additional education with the opportunity of a social lift and developing personal qualities necessary for their successful future life.

As studies show, adolescents from 10 up to 15 years old prefer to communicate outside school hours with their peers during classes in sections and circles. For four years now, we have been implementing the program for identifying talented high school students “Children of Cherepovets. The path to success ", experts came to the conclusion that the talents and interests of children should be identified and supported before the eighth grade.

180 children will be included in the pilot project - territories for development will be organized: the art space" Ladder "in school No. 20, anti-cafe in the Technopark "Quantorium" and in school No. 18 - and an individual plan has been developed for each student. Participants will be selected according to the following criteria: lack of organization during extracurricular hours, single-parent families, working by changing parents, and, most importantly, the desire to develop. The children will be accompanied by the best mentors in the city. In the process of such interaction, schoolchildren will be able to develop the skills of teamwork, project activities, effective communication, presentation and self-presentation.

Russian experts in the field of education, representatives of the Cherepovets City Parents' Council, school directors, representatives of the Severstal company joined the event online and journalists.

The experts noted the value of the project in its long-term nature, individual approach to the child and detailed recording of each step and result for further replication of such an innovative social technology in other regions of Russia.

Within the framework of the presentation of Youth parking ”, an agreement on a 5-year partnership was signed by representatives of the Project organizers: Head of the Education Department of the city of Cherepovets MG Barabanova, Advisor to the General Director of the Severstal Russian Steel Division L. Guseva. Frygina E.N., Director of the Road Home Charity Foundation

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