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MMK shared its experience at the IT industry forum

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Dina Bakhareva, head of the ATACH project, LLC MMK-Informservice, spoke about the experience of developing electronic document management in the PJSC MMK Group. The electronic document management system, designed and implemented by the corporate development department of LLC MMK-Informservice, has been successfully operating at MMK for several years. Currently, it has covered all the companies of the Group of Companies (over 60 organizations), relieving more than 40 thousand employees from routine work with paper documents. The electronic document management system allows you to automate the entire range of tasks for working with documents: creating, agreeing, signing, issuing orders and monitoring their execution. The development helps to speed up information flows in the enterprise, to organize a single information space, and to save employees' working time. Its main advantages are a simple, intuitive interface, high performance, and the ability to work from mobile devices anywhere in the world. During the development of the system, innovative approaches were applied to the formation of the interface and algorithms of the system. The commercial version of the electronic document management system, named "ATACH" in honor of the former name of Magnitnaya Mountain, is offered by MMK-Informservice for sale to all interested parties. It should be noted that the ATACH system is in constant development and is being finalized in accordance with the requirements of customers. In particular, this year the specialists of the corporate development department of LLC MMK-Informservice have developed and implemented the possibility of signing documents in the electronic document management system of PJSC MMK using mobile devices - tablets and smartphones. The new development allows specialists and managers of the PJSC MMK Group of Companies, using a cloud-based qualified electronic signature, to certify the authenticity of documents required for work and send them from anywhere in the world and from any device. In addition, the company is participating in a federal experiment (in accordance with Federal Law No. 122-FZ of 24.04.2020) on the use of electronic documents related to the work of employees. As part of the experiment, a new module "Personnel EDM" is being prepared, in which it is planned to transfer to electronic form a number of documents in respect of which the labor legislation of the Russian Federation provides for paperwork - an employment contract, an order of employment, a vacation schedule, etc. Another important area of ​​digitalization in the MMK Group is software robotization of various business processes using RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology. Sergey Krasilnikov, a leading specialist of the RPA Competence and Innovation Center of LLC MMK-Informservice, spoke about this in his report. The center was established in 2018 and has achieved significant success during its operation. The framework of the software robotization project includes the main functional areas: finance and economics, accounting, procurement and logistics, human resources and personnel. Software robots help employees keep track of and pay for raw materials, process electronic sick leave, place orders for work books, analyze the use of transport, keep track of labor productivity, collect and organize data from various sources, reconcile various documents, generate reports and much more. All the robots introduced have become effective digital assistants, which have made it possible not only to free people from routine operations, but also to expand their capabilities by performing tasks for which there was simply not enough time before. Development plans for this area are supposed to cover all divisions of the Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works. as well as Group companies. To date, about a hundred RPA software robots are in commercial operation. The integration of software robotization and technologies such as AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning) and NLP (natural language processing methods) allows MMK to use RPA software robots to solve increasingly complex problems. The successful practical experience of LLC MMK-Informservice in the field of RPA is in demand and has already found application outside the MMK Group. A series of specialized webinars is currently underway. In addition, in 2020, Magnitka became a venue for the international conference RPA Connect 4.0 with the participation of Russian and foreign companies - leaders in the field of information technology and business digitalization. At the conference, representatives of MMK-Informservice LLC shared their considerable accumulated experience of software robotization with other participants of the event. The second industry forum "Information Technologies in Metallurgy and Metalworking" was organized by the Publishing House "Connect". The main goal of the event is to form a constructive, independent platform for professional discussion of the practical aspects of digital transformation in metallurgy. The forum was attended by over 300 people from Russia, Kazakhs
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