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Design and installation of effective lighting systems

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Design and installation of effective lighting systems

Despite the annual increase in tariffs for the electricity used, the business need for it does not decrease. Outdoor advertising, as well as backlighting, require serious financial investments, and healthy market competition forces them to make it more and more vivid and large-scale visually. Officially registered project partner of the international corporation PHILIPS (website of the company https://www.light- group.com.ua/), offers very effective solutions for this task using:

  • The most advanced and innovative products in the existing lighting industry.
  • High qualifications and accumulated experience of our employees.
  • An individual approach to meet customer requirements, taking into account all possible parameters for their implementation.

Adaptation to domestic parameters of power grids

The development of lighting systems is carried out taking into account the peculiarities of domestic electrical networks - permissible surges of voltage increase-decrease, the used frequency of current signals. For domestic projects, the engineering and technical department of the PHILIPS corporation has developed and put into mass production:

  • LED lighting lamps.
  • Accessories for the installation and connection of lighting devices.
  • Current rectifiers and circuit breakers.

Their use in completing systems for individual customer orders allows the company to guarantee high quality and, most importantly, for most entrepreneurs, the minimum consumption of electrical energy without compromising the required lighting standards. You can get more complete information and order a project of a system for lighting or advertising lighting on the official website of the LITE GROUP company.

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