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Professional security of cafes, restaurants and bars

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Professional security of cafes, restaurants and bars

The reputation of the establishments that customers visit for a pleasant pastime, as well as on the occasion of a celebration or on holidays, depends not only on the culinary delights of the chef, the style of interior decoration, the quality of service, but also the level of safety established in them. For her, not just maintenance, but full and guaranteed compliance, the security company "CARDINAL" (official site https://ok-kardinal.com.ua/oxrana-restoranov-i-uchrezhdenij-pitaniya ) offers owners of restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs:

  • The physical presence of an employee during work or during peak visiting hours directly in the institution.
  • Installation of an alarm button with a signal output to the dispatcher's console of the security company. The departure and arrival of the immediate response team is carried out at the exact time specified in the contract (depending on the distance, no more than 15 minutes).
  • Arrangement of the premises with video surveillance and control at a professional engineering level using high-quality modern equipment.

Works and events are carried out taking into account the experience already accumulated in the company over the years in servicing institutions in this area. For physical presence, employees are selected that meet the moral, volitional and physical level of their training. With a pleasant and appropriate appearance to fulfill the tasks assigned to them.

Submitting an application and signing a contract

To conclude an agreement for the installation of technical security equipment or the physical presence of a security company employee during the work of the establishment, the person in charge or the owner must visit the website of the CARDINAL company:

  • Fill out and submit the application form.
  • Provide a contact phone number for communication.

Execution of the contract and setting the estimated cost is carried out after the inspection of the object itself. The specifics of work, distance, area and attendance are taken into account. For a preliminary consultation on the site there is an option of online communication with a manager who will answer all the questions the client has.

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