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Metal structures in advertising

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Metal structures in advertising

Advertising carriers can be a wide variety, and sometimes unusual areas. The more creative the placement is, the more the ad grabs the attention of the target audience. It is for this reason that the production of metal structures in Yekaterinburg is in demand and is gaining momentum ... The requirements for such products are quite high, since they must withstand the negative factors of operation in the city.

Advantages of metal as structural elements

In the course of daily use, the media will be affected by many negative factors. None of them should lead to emergency consequences. The carrier must remain strong and durable for a long time. Ensure the safety of people and not be a potential hazard to other property. Metal is able to resist the following factors:

  1. Significant temperature changes, even over a short period of time.
  2. Without exception, all natural factors throughout the year.
  3. Corrosion processes can be neutralized by various protective factors.
  4. The metal structure can be moved to another location.
  5. Will withstand the additional load of external lighting.

Metal, unlike polymers and wood, does not tend to wear out quickly. A well-thought-out design of an advertising medium can be used for decades.

What can be made of metal

A structure of almost any complexity can be made from a steel profile. It all depends on the individual wishes of the customer and the design strength of the product. The most popular and demanded urban advertising media can be safely identified:

  • billboards are the most popular media in the city, they can be quite large;
  • city lights that fit perfectly into the cityscape;
  • lightbox, sealed box with constant advertising of an institution or office;
  • steles, a relatively new kind of vertical and narrow advertising medium;
  • podiums for car platforms, produced according to individual projects;
  • roofing installations are in many ways similar in design to billboards.

Every year advertising companies come up with new types of advertising media. A well-made metal structure allows you to put your idea into practice. At the same time, without violating existing legislation, and without endangering people during daily operation.

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