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Reinforced concrete lighting support SV 110-5

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Reinforced concrete lighting support SV 110-5

Construction of new, as well as overhaul of already commissioned highways or highways, today is carried out with the obligatory arrangement of lighting of the roadway. The most effective and practical option for laying a power line is considered to be a cable stretched by air between the lighting poles installed along the roads, equipped with a lighting fixture. The most reliable and durable supports are made of reinforced concrete SV 110-5 (to clarify the dimensional parameters of GOST, you need go to supplier's website ).

Main technical parameters and design features

The main parameters of poles for outdoor lighting are their reliability, durability, the ability to carry a sufficient mass of tensioned electrical wires, to withstand weather factors and wind loads. In this regard, supports SV 110-5:

  • They are made using special plastic grades of concrete.
  • Undergoing vibration shrinkage procedure.
  • Installed exclusively using special equipment.

Products are certified. Selectively, several supports from a batch are tested for torsion and tension with specified loads. The bending moment indicator is set by the GOST parameters and is equal to “5” tf. Based on the tests carried out, a quality certificate of the established sample is issued for a batch of supports from one manufacturer. Using concrete supports instead of metal supports:

  • Significantly increase the service life of the installed power line.
  • Reduce and even eliminate the cost of maintaining it in good condition, concrete does not need painting and protection from natural factors.

At the same time, concrete supports do not require grounding installation and are much cheaper than analogues made from other materials. You can get more detailed information on the possibility of purchasing the required number of CB 110-5 poles using the website of their supplier directly from the manufacturers. The supports supplied by the company are certified, have a quality guarantee and fully comply with the parameters of the current GOST.

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