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T-shirts with original prints

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T-shirts with original prints

A fairly effective way to make a complete stranger smile and even cheer up is to put on a T-shirt with a cool print. And those users who want to look completely original should go to the online catalog mnogoprintov .ru a virtual store of a company that prints patterns on textiles using its own high-tech equipment (special printers). Here's what you can find and order there without leaving your home:

  • Huge selection of themes for images (makes it easy to find the desired image).
  • Filter for self-selection of the color of the T-shirt (allows the buyer to choose the best combination of the pattern and the product itself).

It should be noted that the factory-made high-quality T-shirts offered for printing are made of natural materials, fully consistent with the specified dimensional parameters.

Printing technology

The application of a print (drawing, image, lettering) on ​​a T-shirt is carried out using the latest DTG direct printing technology, when the ink is directly on the product without the use of temperature or chemical exposure, leading to fabric shrinkage. To do this, apply:

  • Special paint in a wide variety of tones and colors from a renowned North American manufacturer.
  • Exceptionally natural fabrics.

The maximum area of ​​the drawing chosen by the client can be 80x40 cm. The order is made directly on the manufacturer's website, delivery is carried out to the address indicated by the buyer by mail. All products are guaranteed of factory quality and environmental safety.

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