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Production of rubber goods from the company "Rezinoplast"

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Production of rubber goods from the company "Rezinoplast"

The use of rubber products is advisable for various industrial equipment. In addition, high-quality rubber goods are indispensable in the automotive and construction industries. The company "Rezinoplast" specializes in the production of such products for various production purposes. On the website rezinoplast.com you can view the assortment of rubber goods and place an order for delivery.

Catalog of rubber products

The assortment of goods for various purposes:

  • Inserts.
  • Bushings.
  • Mudguards
  • Diaphragms for pumps and other products.

This is not the whole list of rubber products available for prompt order. The company also produces road signs (prohibiting, warning, informational and others). It is advisable to place them near the so-called "speed bumps" - artificially created road irregularities to reduce speed on special sections of the road. By the way, the company can order the production of such artificial irregularities.

Rezinoplast services

In addition to manufacturing rubber products, the company is also engaged in the production of molds and stamps. Special attention should be paid to the service - CNC metalworking, which is in high demand today. Therefore, if you need to process metal on special machines with numerical control, you can contact the company's specialists. They are ready to perform services of any complexity on-line. For this, turning, milling and other types of machine tools are used.

It is also necessary to consider the service of manufacturing parts in series. If your company needs to make parts in large quantities, you can contact the company.

Ordering services for the production of rubber goods

To provide services at a professional level, the production has the necessary equipment: hydraulic presses, rollers, extruders, etc. They allow the manufacture of rubber goods in strict accordance with the requirements and standards. To clarify the details of cooperation, you can refer to the website rezinoplast.com.

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