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MMK maintains high positions in WWF-Russia environmental responsibility rating

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In 2020, 40 companies in the metallurgical and mining sectors were included in the WWF-Russia rating. MMK, as in 2019, took 10th line. The WWF Russia has been issuing annual ratings of the environmental responsibility of Russian companies since 2017, their goal is to help improve the environmental situation in Russia, as well as to draw the attention of society and business to the importance of timely and complete disclosure of information about the impact of production on the environment.

Companies participating in the rating are assessed according to three criteria: quality of environmental management, level of environmental impact, completeness of information disclosure. At the end of the year, MMK took a particularly high position according to the third criterion, dividing lines 6-9. The company really pays great attention to the disclosure of complete and up-to-date information on sustainable development: for example, in July 2020, PJSC MMK published Report <-! dle_leech_end -> Sustainability in 2019, compiled by the standards of the Global reporting initiative (GRI standards) ... Also, the compilers of the rating noted MMK among the companies, in the territories of which there were no accidents or controversial environmental situations during the reporting period.

The environmental agenda is of great importance in MMK's work: for example, as part of its development strategy until 2025, the company is implementing the Clean City initiative, thanks to which the Integrated Air Pollution Index (KIZA) in Magnitogorsk, where the main production site is located the company should decrease to less than 5 units, which corresponds to the definition of "Clean City". Already in 2019, the Ministry of Natural Resources excluded Magnitogorsk from the list of cities with the highest level of air pollution.

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