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Repair of mobile phones from the Prostor company

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Repair of mobile phones from the Prostor company

When purchasing a mobile phone, everyone expects a long operational period. But hopes are not always justified. The gadget can fail much earlier than the declared service life. The assistance of an experienced mobile repair technician may be required. The Prostore service center offers its services to everyone who needs urgent repair of smartphones. To find out the cost of repairs and features of services, you can open the site of the service center.

Service Center Services Prostore

The website of the service center provides detailed information on the terms of cooperation. Here everyone can get acquainted with the types of services provided, as well as with the range of smartphones that specialists work with. Let's get acquainted with the features of phone repair in more detail.

  • Execution of repair works of any complexity.
  • A large selection of phone models that specialists work with - Huawei, iPhone, Samsung and others.
  • Urgent repair within 20 minutes.
  • Free diagnostics.
  • Replacement of original spare parts.
  • Warranty for repair work.
  • Minimum prices for renovation work have been set.

Thus, each client can turn here to perform a wide range of tasks for the repair of mobile gadgets.

What kind of work are the specialists doing?

For the convenience of site visitors, you can check the prices for services directly on the official site page. Therefore, each client will be able to familiarize himself with the estimated amount of the upcoming repair before contacting. It is worth considering that the cost presented on the site indicates the price, taking into account the work of a specialist and replacement of a part.

The services of the service center include the replacement of the case, battery, camera, button loop, display, voice speaker and other important components. In the higher price segment, the motherboard is being repaired. As part of the service, specialists replace the backlight, sound, charge microcircuit. They also work with soldering the modem part, replacing Wi Fi, etc.

Ordering the services of telephone repair specialists

On average, it takes about 30 minutes of a specialist's working time to complete a service. During this time, diagnostics are also carried out and the reason for the malfunction of the gadget is announced. If necessary, all parts in the gadget will be promptly replaced with new ones. Prices for services are minimal. You can order a specialist consultation online on the website after submitting an application for the service. The site also contains the address of the company in Odessa and a location map.

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