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Online credit to a bank card

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Online credit to a bank card

Sometimes temporary financial difficulties can drag on indefinitely. In this situation, the solution is unambiguous - contacting a company that provides services for obtaining cash loans. A service that many Ukrainians actively use is online credit to the card. Many MFIs offer this service to anyone in need of finance. The Groshik company is no exception. It offers favorable conditions to everyone who is in dire need of money.

Online loan processing: highlights

If you decide to take a loan from Groshik, the first thing to do is use a special online form. It is necessary to indicate the amount and period. Everyone who contacts the company for the first time is offered a maximum amount of UAH 5,000. In automatic mode, personal conditions are displayed. The user can refine the interest and the amount due.

The interest rate per day is 2.1%. The debt can be repaid within at least seven days. The maximum is to have time to repay the loan in 180 days.

How to get a loan on the Groshik service

Following simple steps on the site will lead everyone to the goal of obtaining a cash loan. What needs to be done:

  • Go through simple registration without the need to provide income certificates and look for guarantors.
  • Sending a loan application. Here you need to fill out a form with personal information, including bank card details.
  • Awaiting loan approval. In many cases, the decision is made in a few seconds. If you need to clarify any information, a specialist of the company can contact you.
  • Receiving money. Before transferring money to a bank card, you must familiarize yourself with the agreement and sign it. After signing, the money will be transferred to a bank card.

What you need to get a loan

To obtain an online loan, certain conditions must be met. Among them are the age of 18, passport, bank card. The service is available an unlimited number of times. At the same time, an extension service is available, within which you can extend the validity period. To connect it, you need to visit the user's personal account. This can be done subject to conditions such as payment of all interest on actual use.

To return the loan, you must contact the cashier, terminal or bank branch. Loan repayment is also possible online on the website. To do this, just enter your personal account and use the contact form. The service website contains reviews of real users of the company.

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