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Metalloinvest launches Leaders 4.0 program for integrated talent pool development

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Metalloinvest has launched the Leaders 4.0 program for the integrated development of its talent pool. The training program is designed for 2021-2022 and was developed by the Metalloinvest Corporate University together with NUST MISIS, one of the leading universities in the country for training both technical and managerial personnel.

More than 40 employees of Lebedinsky Mining and Processing Plant, Mikhailovsky GOK named after A.V. Varichev, Oskol electrometallurgical plant named after A.A. Ugarov and Ural Steel.

The goal of the program is to improve the managerial, business and social competencies of reservists, who tomorrow can take high leadership positions in enterprises.

“Professional and personal growth of employees is the key to improving business performance and sustainability,” said Andrey Belyshev, Deputy CEO for Organizational Development and Human Resources at Metalloinvest. - Our corporate culture is based on open dialogue, flexibility of approaches and focus on results. The personnel reserve is the conductor of these principles, initiates positive changes throughout the Company. "

When selecting candidates for executive positions, Metalloinvest strives to make the most of its internal human resources. For several years now, the Company has been implementing a talent pool program aimed at developing the most promising employees of Metalloinvest.

In 2020, the Corporate University completely reorganized the process of working with the talent pool. The selection of candidates has become collegial, which means more objective and open. Local personnel committees have been formed at all enterprises of the Company. A three-stage process for selecting candidates has been developed and built.

The final stage of selection today is the consideration of candidates at the Personnel Committee chaired by the General Director of the Company Nazim Efendiyev.

The Leaders 4.0 Program is an important component of the integrated development of reservists. It also includes the development of individual development plans, participation in key projects of the Company, and work with curators, ”said Irina Bevz, director of the Metalloinvest Corporate University. “In the training process, we actively involve both internal experts and leading external specialists from various industries.”

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