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Building charts and graphs using an online program

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Building charts and graphs using an online program

Free and unlimited access to the Internet allows you to abandon the download procedure with the subsequent installation of a large number of programs or applications necessary in everyday activities, thus not cluttering up the RAM of your computer device's hard disk. The necessary utilities can be used in online format, and completely free of charge. One of these Internet resources is chart maker , which allows you to create almost any graphs and charts (including pie charts) and will certainly interest:

  • Office workers.
  • Employees of warehouses and logistics terminals.
  • Students and high school students.

The program is freely (completely free) available on the "eeZZee" website of its developers. To use it as intended, the user will not have to go through tedious registration and provide personal data for moderation. The functionality is so simple that it is enough to step by step fulfill the requirements for entering data for the future chart, and then specify its format and download the finished document to the desired folder. This is what the procedure looks like in practice.

Filling in data and getting a finished graph or chart

Having opened the website of the developer "eeZZee", the user must select the language with which the online program will be used (English is set by default). Then:

  • Select the desired section (for example, create a graph).
  • On the page that opens, select the type of chart (vertical, folded, horizontal bar, line, horizontal).
  • Enter your data into the template table.
  • Select download format (only graph, table or all together).

Then activate the button with the "Download PDF" command. It is advisable to pre-specify the location or folder where you want to place the downloaded document (page). This document format is considered the most common and, as a rule, can be sent to other users without conversion.

There is another option, which involves creating a chart, graph or table already in a finished document. The algorithm of actions in this case is as follows:

  • Section files microsoft to pdf format.
  • The key to select the desired file document.
  • Convert the file to PDF format.
  • Placing a graph or chart of the required data in the document using the procedure for pre-filling the template table and choosing the type of their format.

After completing all the actions, the finished document with the schedule must be downloaded to the disk of a computer device or a removable flash drive. Typically creating and converting PDF files takes a matter of seconds. Their movement of sending and receiving occurs directly between the user and the online application without creating copies on the developer's server. This allows you to ensure complete security during the execution of the procedure and the confidentiality of the data used in drawing up graphs or charts.

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