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Restoration of steel car rims using "rolling"

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Restoration of steel car rims using "rolling"

After an accidental collision with a bump or into a road hole, the consequence may be a "pull" of the car to the left or right. The defect is especially noticeable during the start of the movement and you should start identifying possible malfunctions yourself, visually inspecting the integrity of the rims (we are talking about stamped products). If a bend or deviation from the geometry of the circle along its outer diameter (the joint between rubber and rim) is present, you should not rush to buy a new analogue. Repair or the so-called rolling stamped steel disks allows you to restore them almost to factory quality.

Rolling recovery technology

Guaranteed restoration of the geometry of a stamped automobile disc damaged as a result of mechanical impact is possible only with the use of special rolling equipment. Assurances of employees of unofficial "garage" workshops that they can repair the disc manually are a simple deception of the consumer. Professional rolling technology is as follows:

  • Disassembling a wheel (removing rubber).
  • Measuring and marking the damaged area (s) along the outer diameter of the disc.
  • Smooth rolling using a special machine equipped with geometry restoring rollers.

Gradual restoration (dent straightening) allows you to maintain the integrity of the paintwork. If the damage is significant, it is leveled using a hand tool after preheating and only then passed through the rolling equipment.

The final stage of rolling, disk balancing using high-precision computer equipment. The HOFMANN service center carries out rental of damaged stamped steel discs with diameters from R13 to R17 with a guarantee of quality and reliability of subsequent assembly. You can get more complete information and make an appointment for repairs using the company's official website through the specified e-mail address or by calling the managers on the main page of the Internet resource.

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