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Severstal is preparing a comprehensive offer for customers of new types of products

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PAO Severstal, one of the world's largest vertically integrated steel and mining companies, develops comprehensive solutions for the use of innovative steel grades: wear-resistant, high-strength and atmospheric resistant. Customers of the company will be able to receive recommendations for welding such materials, which will significantly simplify their application.

“Understanding the difficulties that our customers may face when using new and innovative steel grades, our team of experts at the end of 2019 began to develop a comprehensive proposal ... As a result, the customer, together with the metal as a bonus, receives information about the technology, welding consumables recommended for each type of steel, welding modes, as well as a list of required equipment. This will facilitate the use of our products for complex and non-standard operations, as well as unlock the potential of innovative steels of our production, while preserving their properties, "notes Pyotr Mishnev, Technical Development and Quality Director, Severstal-Russian Steel.

The initiative is being implemented three teams of the company - Domnaremont Center (CDR, part of the Severstal Investment Directorate), the Repair Directorate and the Technical Development and Quality Directorate (DTRK) of the Severstal Russian Steel Division. According to the company's specialists, many machine-building enterprises are interested in the development of such solutions, primarily manufacturers of truck cranes, manipulators, semi-trailers, excavator buckets and other products in which high-strength steels are used.

For a year, experts have worked out welding technologies for 51CrV4 and weatherproof steel grade 14HGNDTS. The number of brewed samples has already exceeded 300. Having obtained positive results of mechanical tests, specialists can recommend developed solutions for customers. In the near future, it is planned to develop modes for weather-resistant steel with welding wires of our own production and for the PowerHard line of steels (formerly called SeverHard).

One of the main difficulties encountered by specialists in testing welded joints was steel magnetization. It occurs when the metal is moved by magnetic taps and subsequently makes it impossible to weld the product. To resolve this issue, a special installation RUTT-350 was purchased. After demagnetization, the steel goes through several more stages: edge preparation, welding, research in the mechanical testing laboratory.

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